Hershel Sarbin

Hershel Sarbin has more than four decades of experience creating highly successful strategies for special interest magazines and communication enterprises, while at the same time advocating to improve the lives of poor children in America.

Sarbin began professional life as a Harvard-trained lawyer, only to fall in love with media and marketing. He concluded one chapter in his career as the President of Ziff-Davis Publishing, where he headed more than 50 special interest magazines and was credited in the industry for his use of market research and editorial excellence to establish leadership positions for his properties.

During the next chapter, he was brought in as CEO of Cowles Business Media in the 1990’s, where he scored a major business turnaround and also served as Co-Director of the Cowles/Medill School of Journalism Studies in New Media.  From 1998 until 2002, Sarbin was Senior Director for Media at Peppers & Rodgers, the country’s leading consultancy in one-to-one marketing and communications.

In his vocation as a passionate advocate for youth, Sarbin was a founding member of Harvard Voluntary Defenders, which since 1949 has provided free legal assistance to juvenile and adult indigents accused of crime.  During the Johnson administration, he was a member of The President’s Council on Youth opportunity, working with inner city young people.  He has also been proud to serve for many years on the Policy Advisory Board of The Public Agenda Foundation

Invited to join the Board of Children’s Rights, the national child welfare advocacy group, in 2002, Sarbin became Chair of its Communication Committee and engineered a critical move to web-based marketing communications. In a recent forum he said, “We are engaged in a great adventure to align web, print, and voice communication in cause-based marketing. Technology has given us the tools to connect people in real time to receive, shape, and share news and insights. We now have the opportunity to take our efforts, and our results, to levels not previously imagined.”

Early in his career Sarbin earned a reputation as a champion of dialogue to resolve critical issues in media and education. Today, in speeches and executive forums he presents a “high touch’ view of a world where “high tech” has too often been seen as destiny itself, and urges a balance that allows us to exploit the benefits of both.



Hershel Sarbin Associates • P.O. Box 196 • Bedford Village, NY 10506
email Hershels@aol.com • NYC Office Phone: 212 944 0011, Ext. 3 • Fax: 212 754 9198


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