The goal of Hershel Sarbin Associates is to help management meet the challenges of growth and develop new profit performance strategies through relationship marketing and sales initiatives.

Our principle work is with clients in print and electronic business publications, special interest consumer magazines, and newsletters. All media enterprises are challenged to embrace a new model for prospering in The Internet Age.. They must reinvest and reallocate resources to achieve dominance in their markets.

It is not a comfortable model for most, requiring aggressive database development, market research, and relationship selling that responds sharply to customer needs.
Most publishers know the words, but not the music.

The new imperative is a 360 degree view of servicing audience and advertiser...and the vigorous development of new revenue streams supported by database, research, and broader advertising relationships. Web/print integration is an imperative.

Of course, for all of this to work there must be editorial excellence. It alone creates the audience, the involvement and the credibility for the brand.

Hershel Sarbin Associates moves quickly with clients to redirect, reenergize and lead publishing/marketing executives to embrace and exploit a unified model of service.
Sarbin listens, learns, and leads management to agreed goals.

The disciplines employed in every engagement are very simple; Where are we now? Where do we want to go? How do we get there? The results flow from there.


Hershel Sarbin Associates • P.O. Box 196 • Bedford Village, NY 10506
email Hershels@aol.com • NYC Office Phone: 212 944 0011, Ext. 3 • Fax: 212 754 9198


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