Hershel Sarbin, a leading media and marketing executive, consultant, and author, zeroed in on the brand-building power of customer relationships and communication long before it was fashionable.

In his talks, seminars, and dialogues Sarbin enthusiastically shares experiences and insights gleaned from 30 years of success in managing major media and marketing enterprises. He tells real life stories of victory and challenge and reinvention in business enterprise…stories which amuse, amaze, and teach at the same time.

76-years-young Hershel Sarbin has garnered national attention (New York Times, CBS Evening News, The Today Show) as a media executive who thinks retirement is just too tiring. At an age when most executives have long slowed down, Sarbin is revving it up with his new book, A Different Game: Golf After 50, published Nov. 2001 and co-authored with Jim Brown.

No slouch on the Internet, Sarbin was inspired to write his book after creating a highly successful, interactive column on senior golf for PGATour.com. Never far from the links, he lives his view that golf should always be a good walk.

Sarbin began professional life as a Harvard-trained lawyer, only to fall in love with media and marketing. He concluded one career as the President of Ziff-Davis, where he headed more than 50 special interest magazines. During the next chapter, he was brought in as a CEO of Cowles Business Media, where he scored a turnaround with a 300%-gain in revenue. From 1998 until 2002 Sarbin was Senior Director for Media at Peppers and Rogers Group, the nation’s most prominent consultancy in 1 to 1 marketing.

Hershel presents a “high touch” view of a commercial world where “high tech” has too often been seen as destiny itself.” The greatest return on investment (ROI) in the new customer economy,” he says, “springs from strong relationships. 90% of the interaction between customer and vendor does not involve the ringing of the cash register, and this alone requires a new form of leadership in all business enterprise , and a fresh approach in customer and employee communication.”

In his talks Sarbin uses original cartoon illustrations, not power point, to help paint a colorful picture in words for his audiences. “Where are you now? Where do you want to go? How will you get there?” is his framework for most issues in life and business. As he puts it, “My mission is to tell stories that you can put to work when you leave the room. It’s the image, the memory that counts.”

Hershel Sarbin Workshops, Dialogues & Presentations

  • Face to Face with 1 to 1: Managing Change at the Front Line

  • The Power of Custom Communication in a One-to-One Marketing World

  • Building Brand and The Bottom Line Through Customer Communications

  • Customer Communications in a New Media Environment: The Internet and Beyond

  • Customer Communications on the Internet: Beyond E-Commerce to Building Long Term Loyalty

  • Energizing Brand Through Customer Centered Marketing

  • From Database Marketing to Brand Power

  • How to Make Everyone Your Best Customer

  • You Are The Brand! Building One to One

  • Talking to Your Customer: New Rules in the Relationship Economy


Hershel Sarbin Associates • P.O. Box 196 • Bedford Village, NY 10506
email Hershels@aol.com • NYC Office Phone: 212 944 0011, Ext. 3 • Fax: 212 754 9198


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